Synthetic Bow/X-Bow string Wax

Synthetic Bow/X-Bow string Wax

Item# 5100
BOWTINES Synthetic Bow and Crossbow string waxes are designed to bundle the strands of string together, prevent "fiber to fiber" abrasion, and eliminate water penetration. By sealing your string with this wax, you will reduce friction on your cable slides, rollers, cams, and wheels. This pliable product will maintain and extend the life of the string in all outdoor weather conditions. Wax is applied on your strings with the applicator and then by rubbing it into the inner fibers with your fingers or a piece of leather. This wax is designed for crossbows, compounds, and recurve bow strings.


Reduces friction

Protects string from moisture

Will not freeze

1 oz $5.99
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